"I started using Theramag magnesium products for foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis, which I've suffered with for several years. Prior to using Theramag I was getting cortisone injections in my feet for the pain. Soaking my feet in Theramag bath salts twice a week and applying magnesium oil nightly has provided much pain relief and I have not had to go to the doctor's for cortisone injections. Due to a bad fall I also experience pain regularly in one of my ankles and knee especially if I've over used the muscles in the surrounding areas. After applying magnesium gel I feel immediate relief, it's amazing. Theramag also helps me feel rejuvenated the following day after an evening of using these wonderful products, which means a lot to me as I need to have my body recharged so that I am able to lift, transport, and carry my disabled 12 year old child without fail. Theramag has given me back the full use of my joints and muscles without the daily pain I was experiencing prior to using these products."

--Bernadette T., AZ

"I suffer from chronic foot pain (Morton's Neuroma)  and chronic hip pain.  I soak my foot in a bucket of warm water and THERAMAG magnesium crystals and Wow! instant pain relief! Not to mention how relaxed it makes me feel. I have been able to put off foot surgery due to THERAMAG  wonderful products.

I have also suffered from chronic hip pain for over 3 years. My doctor diagnosed me with hip bursitis.  Running and training for marathons was brutal, it involved many cortisone injections to help (temporarily) relieve the pain.  I started doing 40 minute bath soaks twice a week and spraying my hip daily with THERAMAG magnesium oil spray. It has given me pain relief immediately and after a month of using these products I have no hip pain whatsoever. I am totally amazed after suffering for 3 long years these products have made my hip totally pain free. I'm an excited and thrilled customer."

--Darlene B., AZ

"THERAMAG Magnesium was recommend to me by one of your customers for my restless leg symptoms. I did not know how important magnesium is to the body and what amazing things it can do. I used it one night and been using it since and I am able to sleep through the night and has done amazing things with my pain as well. I will always recommend this product to anyone that has my condition. It works miracles.

Thank you!"

--Susan C., AZ

"After many years of being an athlete, I have suffered from chronic knee and hip pain. There are mornings that I could barely walk. Walking down stairs was out of the question.

I was introduced to THERAMAG Magnesium oil and crystals 18 months ago and boy what a difference. I previously used Arnica, and other athletic rubs, however this is hands down the best relief of chronic pain. I no longer rely on a daily dosage of Naproxen. I use the oil daily on my arthritic knees. I also use it on my hands to relieve carpal tunnel pain.

I totally swear by this product."

--Denise G., Atlanta, GA

"I wanted to write to let you know how much your product has done for me. I have complicated migraines and a bulging disk in my back and ever since I have started using it I have not had one migraine and able to walk a mile now. Sleeping through the night is amazing and pain relief is heaven sent. This product is amazing. My uncle is a doctor and he has started using it and is recommending it to his patients for restless leg symptoms. THERAMAG Magnesium has truly been a blessing.

Thank you so much!"

--Natalie K.

"I have severe nerve pain in my lower back and legs due to having fibromyalgia, diabetes and other chronic health problems. I noticed many times when I was hospitalized for pain management the first method of treatment for me was magnesium via an I.V. treatment.  I decided to try THERAMAG Magnesium spray and to my surprise almost immediately could feel my pain dissipate. I have been using it daily and it has substantially lowered my pain level. I stopped taking it once when I ran out and my pain returned within 3 days. I re-ordered the spray and once again received immediate pain relief upon applying it. I am a believer in THERAMAG Magnesium spray oil."

--Monica D., AZ

"I am a diabetic and suffer from neuropathy in my feet. I use THERAMAG magnesium spray oil daily to help with pain, burning sensation and discomfort. Not even pain medication helps relieve the pain and discomfort like THERAMAG  Magnesium spray oil."

--Bertha H., AZ

"I am a true believer in the healing power of THERAMAG Magnesium, I use the oils topically every morning. Five years ago I suffered a massive heart attack at which time I was tested for my overall health issues. I found out the heart attack was caused because of diabetes complications, i didn't even know I had diabetes. Also was told that my blood work showed many problems due to an unhealthy lifestyle. I started using THERAMAG Magnesium oil and in no time at all I was amazed at how it improved my overall health and blood work was coming back very positive. My doctors were amazed at what was happening to me, my numbers were turning around quickly for the better and at one point my cardiologist and primary care doctor both took more tests to confirm their findings. I was called into a conference call with both of my doctors who were amazed at my continued improvement and was told that I no longer was diabetic and my blood work was so amazingly perfect. They said, my blood work probably hasn't been this good since I was a newborn. At this point they wanted to know what I had been doing to get myself feeling well again. I told them I believed in natural cures, living a healthier lifestyle, exercised, watched my diet and finally started using a product called THERAMAG Magnesium topical oil.  They were both very interested in what I was sharing.... So thanks to THERAMAG Magnesium  I truly believe I am a walking testimonial of how it can heal our body naturally."

--Frank O., AZ

"In July 2016 I jumped from my trailer to the ground, upon landing I broke my foot in two places.  The bruising, swelling and pain were so bad. I applied  THERAMAG magnesium oil spray because it helps with inflammation and pain. I used the spray 3 times a day after icing and within a few days my swelling started to disappear, the pain level greatly reduced and the bruises were healing. After only two weeks my foot looks and feels so much better. This is an amazing product. I recommend to all my friends and family. Thank you Dora for this wonderful product, THERAMAG Magnesium."

--Diana H. AZ

"My husband Richard and I have been using THERAMAG Magnesium Oil since the beginning.  Due to many injuries over the years my husband deals with chronic pain everyday.  Everyday he's hurting and we apply this amazing magnesium oil all over his back, legs and neck area.  Within a few minutes he feels relief from his pain, the magnesium oil cools down the inflammation and the pain starts to lift.  As small business owners with many hats to fill, some days can get very stressful, we just apply the oil to our necks and apply a warm cloth and it eases the pain and strain of the stress.  This miracle mineral oil allows us to keep our focus on our goals for the day.  Our mission is to keep our customers happy, with THERAMAG Magnesium Oil by our side we feel great! Wouldn't have it any other way.  Thank you for this amazing product Dora, keep healing and helping people, you are an amazing woman with a big heart."

--Richard and Virginia V., CA

"How THERAMAG Magnesium Oil helped me.

While out walking one day I fell and sustained a shoulder injury, not feeling much pain I just ignored it and continued on my way. Over a course of several weeks I started to feel pain and eventually developed frozen shoulder syndrome. Frozen shoulder is just that! I couldn't move my shoulder or arm at all. All I could do was keep my arm close to my body and keep it from any movement, because the slightest movement would send severe pain throughout my shoulder and arm.

At the time I did not have insurance coverage so I was looking for OTC or home remedies to help me with the pain which was debilitating by this time.  A family member suggested I try THERAMAG Magnesium Oil for the inflammation and pain so I gave it a try. Instantly I got pain relief, I still felt a dull ache but nothing like it was before.  That first application relieved the pain so much it allowed me to move my arm around which I had not been able to do for weeks.  I used more at bed time and I was finally able to sleep through the night without waking up because of the severe pain.  The next morning I sprayed my shoulder again and set out to help family move furniture.  That evening I realized my shoulder had not bothered me with any pain at all the entire day. 

For weeks I lived with severe pain to the point of tears and in one application of THERAMAG Magnesium Oil I received pain relief I had been searching for.  The oil allowed me to regain movement in my shoulder and arm again and go through therapy to gain strength in it again. THERAMAG Magnesium Oil was a miracle for me and so affordable."

--Maria R., AZ


"I discovered THERAMAG Magnesium oil at an outdoor festival in Prescott, Az. My son had passed by a booth when he heard a woman explaining how THERAMAG Magnesium Oil helped people who suffered with pain on a daily basis.

Twice in my life I've been kicked in the back by a horse, once in 1985 and again in 2007. I suffered broken ribs, scapula and punctured lungs both times. As the years passed the pain and muscle spasms worsened, requiring much help from my family on a daily basis for everyday tasks.  My children watched me helplessly for years struggling with severe and debilitating pain and have seen me cry on many occasions because the pain medications were not working anymore.

My son explained to the woman my situation and ran back to me begging me to go to the booth and learn about this awesome magnesium oil. I learned about THERAMAG Magnesium Oil and decided to try a bottle.  On my first application I applied it per the instructions and felt pain relief the first day using the oil. I am here to say I am pain free, Praise the Lord and I now only have to apply it twice a week to maintain the pain relief I need to get through each day. Thank you THERAMAG for being at the right place at the right time."

--Rosie W., Arkansas


"I just want to give a big thank you to Dora Anaya of Anaya Magnesium LLC for telling me about THERAMAG Magnesium Oil. I have followed her instructions and after day 4 of applying the oil I feel like every switch in my body was turned on. I feel great. Its helped me with my depression and anxiety. The biggest part is its helped me with my diabetes. The oil regulates my sugar almost perfectly. I am so grateful for this product. Thank you so much!!!"

--Jorge R., Phoenix, AZ


"I have to say, THERAMAG Magnesium Oil  is a miracle product. I was struggling with my knee and foot being swollen and I have arthritis in both. It was hard to walk and standing was borderline painful. I had a booth next to Anaya Magnesium  at the Women's Expo. The first hour I was there I bought the spray. I went and sprayed my knee and foot and instantly the pain was gone. I was able to stand and walk the entire day and work my booth. I applied later in the afternoon when I felt the pain start to return. When I got home at  night I sprayed it again and I was able to sleep without my knee brace on. I have been using it twice a day now, it's only been 5 days and the swelling is completely gone in my knee and foot. My daughter has been using it on her hips. She has had pain since her soccer days. It is helping her sleep and move so much better. I am also going to school for court reporting and I spend hours on my machine. I was having cramping in my hands as well as my shoulders. I have started to spray it on my shoulders and the muscles relax to keep me going. My hands have been feeling the effects just by rubbing in the oil on the spots I spray. I have tried so many products and I can say none have worked like this. I will be a customer for life!"

--Audrey H., Phoenix, AZ