Magnesium Deficiency

In 1988 a U.S. government study concluded that the standard American diet failed to provide the daily requirement of magnesium. Today, we can be sure its even worse considering that 30% of our diet is made up of Junk Food.  

70%-90% of Americans are deficient in magnesium as well as other minerals and vitamins. Men obtain only 80% of the minimum requirement of magnesium to run innumerable body functions and women at 70% get even less of what they absolutely need.

The typical American diet, which is rich in fat, sugar, salt, synthetic vitamin D, phosphates, protein, and supplemented calcium making it quite deficient in magnesium.

 Many factors are to blame for such a high level of magnesium deficiency in this country. Mineral depletion of our farmland is probably the most important reason why most Americans are magnesium deficient.  Soil erosion and pesticides over the decades have taken a great toll on our farmlands, deficient soil produces deficient produce.

Other causes of magnesium - deficiency include diet, alcohol abuse, chronic  stress, poorly controlled diabetes, excessive or chronic vomiting and/or  diarrhea.  Certain drugs can deplete magnesium levels  such as common diuretics, bronchodilators, birth control pills, insulin, digitalis, certain antibiotics, corticosteroids, cocaine, nicotine, amphetamines, and possibly proton pump inhibitors. 

Magnesium RDA levels in the U.S.

Magnesium RDA levels in the U.S.