Anaya Magnesium LLC


Dora Anaya

 In  2012 I experienced a great personal loss, the death of my hero, my  father, who had always been a big influence on me. And like tragic  events are wont to do, embedded within them can be a silver lining. In  the wake of his passing I felt a strong desire to find ways of healing  people through naturopathy and in only a few short months Anaya  Magnesium LLC was founded.

Now  don’t get me wrong, the idea was not like a bolt of lightning from the  heavens. In the back of my mind it had always been a dream of mine to own my own business but life has a funny way of prioritizing for you. I was blessed with a family of three quite young, but regardless of age  your maternal instinct kicks in on overdrive and balancing a full time  job while taking up college courses here and there I became a well-oiled  machine. But sometimes, no matter how well oiled, that machine can  just, break.

And while I  nursed myself back to good health I couldn’t ignore the declining health  of my mother, and soon after my ailing husband and again after that my  father. To all of whom, may I say Rest In Peace.

By  this time in my life my children were all grown and pursuing their own  budding lives. I finally felt the time to focus on myself had finally  arrived. And the first step in this new chapter in my life was getting  my body back into shape! I started a weight loss program through a local  medical facility which provided me with supplements to take while on my  low calorie diet. Within 3 months of a very rigorous routine I felt  better than I had in years. An eye twitch that I’d had since as far back  as I could remember was suddenly gone. I slept better. I stopped  grinding my teeth. My anxiety was gone. The severe pain from my TMJ,  gone. I thought to myself, I haven’t felt this good since high school! I  started to suspect that there must be something in these supplements  that was responsible for the heightened overall well-being that I felt  because it surely wasn’t the low calorie diet making me this happy.

After  a little research I zeroed in on the naturally occurring mineral called  magnesium. From the material I had read this was the common denominator  that gave me relief of all my symptoms. First thing I thought was why hadn’t I ever heard of this magic mineral and the second thought was  who else can I tell about it?

I  flocked to social media to get the word out and lo and behold an  opportunity presented itself. A friend of mine asked if I had ever heard  of magnesium oil, which at the time I had not, but after only a few  days of research I knew what my business was going to be. When desire  meets purpose you can’t help but feel a sense that fate played a role. I  spent a lot of time in my life getting people I loved through an  illness or a disease all the while feeling powerless to do anything  about it. Seizing the power of magnesium oil was a chance for me to flip  the tables back into my favor and play a more proactive part in  preventing these issues all together.

Magnesium  is a key ingredient to life in the grandest sense of the word. My  mission is to teach as many people as I can of its healing properties  and it’s superior treatment and relief of issues like: anxiety, stress,  muscle cramps and spasms, restless leg syndrome, migraines and body  aches, joint, back, knee & arthritic pain to name a few.

The  truth is, most of us are severely deficient (up to 90% of Americans) in  this mineral and through no fault of our own. Poor agricultural  management of our soils have rendered them mineral deficient and the  food available to us now simply does not carry amounts sufficient to  keep cellular levels saturated. My goal is to provide a solution to that  problem and make it readily available at your fingertips. Let us get  healthy, and live longer, together.

Peace and Happiness,

Dora Anaya