Magnesium Supplementation

Oral Magnesium Supplementation


There are various forms of magnesium available to take. There are capsules, powder and fluid forms of magnesium. 

Ingesting magnesium capsules, powder or fluid will provide approximately 4% - 25% of elemental magnesium to your body. Many people are unable to tolerate its detoxifying effects causing a low uptake of the mineral.  

Magnesium chloride is said to be the best form for ingesting because the chloride produces hydrochloric acid in the stomach and the extra chloride enhances its absorption rate.  


The rule of thumb for dosages for men and women is 6 - 8 mg/kg of body weight. A kg. is 2.2lbs. 

Topical Magnesium Supplementation


 Transdermal (topical) magnesium is the best form of magnesium supplementation overall. 

Topical magnesium is magnesium chloride which is offered as a spray oil, gel, deodorant, lotion and bath salts.   

Topical magnesium when applied absorbs quickly through the skin providing a high absorption rate of the elemental mineral at the cellular level.

Soaking in Magnesium


 Stop magnesium deficiency in its tracks, using the body’s largest organ — the skin. 

Soaking in magnesium chloride provides an excellent uptake of the magnesium mineral. Our skin is the largest organ and when soaking for 30 minutes or longer one receives a larger uptake of the mineral over the entire body.